Database (DBMS)

  • SQL
    SQL - Structured Query Language: concepts, tutorials and references.
  • Information on Databases
    Resources, Organizations, Books. DataBase Management Systems (DBMS). SQL & DBMS Utilities. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Compare
    Comparisons among relational database servers.
  • Oracle
    SGBD Oracle Server. Information and Resources. Utilities.
  • Other Commercial DBMS's
    Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Informix, Sybase.
  • Free DBMS: Open Source & Freeware
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mini SQL (mSQL), Beagle SQL, among others.
  • Data Warehouse
    Data Warehouse (DW), Data Mart, OLAP - Online Analytical Processing, ETL - Extract Transform Load, Data Mining, Business Intelligence (BI).