Multimedia - Index

  • ToolBook
    Primary Help Sources on SumTotal ToolBook e-learning authoring tool. References covering Deployment and Runtime, ToolBook Sites, Utilities and Samples. ToolBook Information: Tutorials, Courses, Articles, Books, Discussion Groups.
  • General Multimedia Information Sources
    Guides and Information on Multimedia, Multimedia in Search Engines & Catalogues, Multimedia Magazines, Various sites of Multimedia Related Software.
  • Authoring Tools Sources
    FAQs, databases and comparisons among various authoring systems. References for multimedia authoring systems: ToolBook, Director, Authorware, Visual Class, HyperCard, others.
  • Macromedia
    Director & Shockwave, Flash, Authorware, Macromedia Rich Internet Application (RIA), Books on Macromedia tools.
  • Media: CD, DVD, MD
    Multimedia storage medias. CD-ROM, CD-R/RW/DA, CD recording software, DVD, Sony MiniDisc (MD).
  • Text
    Typography, TrueType Fonts, Unicode and ANSI Character Sets, PDF - Portable Document Format, ODF - OpenDocument Format, OOXML - Microsoft Office Open XML, PostScript, RTF - Rich Text Format.
  • Digital Images
    Digital imaging information. Computer graphics. Image processing, palettes, screen capture, Related software.
  • Digital Video
    Microsoft Video for Windows (avi) & Active Movie, Apple QuickTime movies (mov) and QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR), Intel Indeo, codecs, desktop video, firewire, MPEG, DivX, streaming video, books etc. Video editing software. 3D video and software.
  • Digital Audio
    Digital audio information. MP3. Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA), CD Audio Extraction (Ripping). Audio Libraries.
  • Microsoft ActiveX Technology
    COM, ActiveX, OCX & VBX, Microsoft Agent ActiveX Technology.
  • Computers in Education
    On-line Learning, Computer-Based Training (CBT), Computer-Aided Learning (CAL). Education, teaching and learning.