Indexing and Searching Engines for Web Sites

  • Search Engine Wath
    Tips about Internet search engines and search engine submission. By
  • ht://Dig - Internet Search Engine Software
    Free search engine software. By San Diego State University.
  • WebGlimpse - Web Search Engine Software
    Developed at University of Arizona, USA. Webglimpse is free to educational, government and most nonprofits. WebGlimpse uses the Glimpse search engine.
    The site for cooperative development of Glimpse & Webglimpse.
    Glimpse was developed by Udi Manber, Sun Wu, and Burra Gopal / University of Arizona (
  • Atomz
    Enterprise Web Content Management and Site Search Solutions. Atomz Search (Full) & Atomz Express Search (free) - Comparision.
    Web native (external, no installation), cross-browser / cross-platform, highly customizable, simple and advanced searches, linguistic support in 20 languages, sound-alike matching, reports and indexing logs, on-demand and automatic schedule indexing, and more.
  • Harvest Web Indexing
    The Harvest indexer offers a distributed solution to the problems of indexing data made available on the web.
    Harvest Indexer FAQ.
  • FAST Enterprise Search
    Based on the legendary AltaVista Enterprise Search, created by Digital/Compaq, which once was the most powerful Internet search engine, before Google.
  • Infoseek's Ultraseek Server
    Harness the power of Infoseek's search and spidering technology for your own Web.
  • SWISH-Enhanced - Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
    Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced (SWISH-E)
    SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other text files. Key features include the ability to limit searches to certain HTML tags (META, TITLE, comments, etc.). The SWISH-E software is free, and we include a package of Perl programs that enable anyone who is authorized to create and maintain their own indexes (AutoSwish). SWISH-E is an enhanced version of SWISH, which was originally written by Kevin Hughes and modified and released with his permission.
    See also: SWISH/WWWWAIS 2.5 documentation [OLD] - unofficial mirror
  • ICE
  • WebSearch
    WebScripts by Darryl C. Burgdorf
    WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site.
    Htgrep is a Perl utility written by Oscar Nierstrasz to facilitate the construction of simple search engines for the WWW as CGI scripts.
  • whatUseek - intraSearch
    With whatUseek intraSearch you can have a "search my site" feature on your website, without having to install any software. intraSearch indexes up to 500 pages.
  • FreeFind Search Engine
    Free service, indexes and search your entire site directly from the FreeFind search engine site. There is no need to add any CGIs or server modifications to your site. You sign-up the service for free and you receive, by e-mail, the HTML code to add the search interface to your site.
    The result pages include ad banners of sponsors that support the free service. There are also available ad-free paid options.
  • PicoSearch Search Hosting
    PicoSearch is a customized searching solution for web sites. The Search Engine for your site is built and hosted directly by PicoSearch site, with no software installation required.
    If your web site has less than 2000 html pages (excluding other types of pages), then you can use PicoSearch Lite for free.
  • Dexter the FTP Indexer for Windows NT/95/98
    By Leech Software
    Dexter is an FTP sitelist manager & verifier. It takes a list of FTP sites and index all the files and directories on those FTP servers. When the processing is complete, the indexes are written to an HTML file which can be viewed, edited, or posted to your website. You can configure the depth of the directory recursion and the maximum simultaneous threads, and PASV mode is supported.
    Administrators: check for hidden directories created by rogue users, find anonymous user security holes, visually evaluate your wasted hard disk space. Webmasters: post HTML "sitemaps" of your downloadable files.
    URL at Tripod.