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  • Site Meter
    Excellent access tracker. The reports include large variety of information, including dynamic charts: bars, pie and maps. General: Visits and Page Views Summary, Who's On, Traffic Prediction. Recent Visitors: By Details, Referrals, Entry Pages, Exit Pages. Visits and Page Views: Day, Week, Month, Year. Page Views and Duration per Visit. Site Tracking: Time Zone, Language, OS, Domain, Organization. Web Browsers: Browser Share, JavaScript, DHTML, PNG Graphics, Style Sheets.
  • eXTReMe Tracking
    Free site tracker. Stored information: Summary: totals, highests and averanges. Access: by day, week, month, day hours and weekday. Geographic: domains, countries and continents. System: browsers, O.S., screen resolution and colors. Source: website, search-engine, e-mail, news, hard-disk, keywords. Free service must include a logo and link in the web page using eXTReMe Tracker and the statistics are visible to anyone.
  • NedStat USA
    NedStat NL
  • ShowStat Statistics
    Excelente contador de acessos com estatísticas por dia, semana, mês, horário, país, browser e sistema operacional. A versão mais simples é de inscrição gratuita.
  • Site Tracker
    Free site counter and tracking information. Visiting hosts, countries and IP Addresses; Screen Resolutions and Colors, Hourly traffic graph based on YOUR timezone; Breakdown: Search engines, Javascript Compatibility, Browser, Operating system; Most Popular Hour/Day of Week, Graphical counters, Referring Web pages/URLs, Average Load time of site and Time user stays at site, Keeps stats for a full 7 days, Tracks Total hits/visitors by day or month. SiteTracker is free bacause it's advertiser sponsored. This means that a banner advertisement must be placed on the web page running Sitetracker. SiteTracker Pro service without banner costs $5.95 a month.
  • CiberStats
    "Las estadísticas más completas para tu Web".
  • Web Tracker
    From FXWeb Web Technologies. A configuração deste contador é mantida na própria FXWeb e você o cria, configura e gerencia através da Web, contando com um resumo estatístico dos acessos.
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Log Analysers, Statistics and Traffic Monitoring

  • AWStats
    AWStats is a short for Advanced Web Statistics. It's a free tool that generates advanced web (but also ftp or mail) server access statistics graphically. This log analyzer is written in Perl and works as a CGI or from command line and shows you all possible information your log contains, in few graphical web pages. It uses a partial information file to be able to process large log files, often and quickly. It can analyze log files from IIS (W3C log format), Apache log files (NCSA combined/XLF/ELF log format or common/CLF log format), WebStar and most of all web, proxy, wap, streaming servers, ftp servers, mail logs. AWStats is a free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    Comparison table: AWStats, Analog, Webalizer, HitBox.
  • The Webalizer
    The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format. It is written in C to be fast and portable. Supports standard Common Logfile Format (CLF) server logs. In addition, several variations of the Combined Logfile Format are supported, allowing statistics to be generated for referring sites and browser types as well. Now also has native support for wu-ftpd xferlog FTP and squid log formats as well. Supports multiple languages. Unlimited log file sizes and partial logs are supported. Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Copyright .
  • Analog
    By Stephen Turner.
    Analog analyses the logfiles from your web server and shows the usage patterns. It's free, very fast, scalable and highly configurable. Output in any of more than 30 languages, with many options producing 32 different reports. Written in standard C, it's available in almost any plataform. Currently tested under Windows, Mac, lots of flavours of Unix, OS/2, VMS, among ohters. Analog can read logs in NCSA combined format, referrer log, browser log, W3 extended format, Microsoft IIS format, Netscape, WebSTAR and Netpresenz formats; but the user can specify other formats.
  • WebTrends
    WebTrends by NetIQ. Commercial Product.
    Management, log analysis, and reporting for Internet and intranet servers and firewalls.
    WebTrends Web Analytics and Management. WebTrends Log Analyzer and others.
  • AccessWatch
    Web Site traffic analysis tool. AccessWatch is open source shareware, written in Perl, and will run on any major web server.
  • Graphic wwwstat --- gwstat for Linux & wwwstat: HTTPd Logfile Analysis Software (link alternativo)
    The wwwstat program will process a sequence of HTTPd common logfile format (CLF) access_log files and output a log summary in HTML format suitable for publishing on a website.
  • Wusage
    By Boutell.Com. Commercial product (single site, ISP web hosting/virtual domains, global licenses). Wusage runs just as well on virtually every operating system (including Windows 95/98/NT, Macintosh, Solaris, Linux and most other flavors of Unix). Wusage 7.0 also can read logs generated by nearly every type of web server, including Apache, Microsoft IIS, WebStar, and many others. Site Access Counts, visits and trails, Search keywords, Referring sites, Client system information (OS, user agent).
  • Mach5 FastStats Analyzer
    FastStats is an extremely fast log analyzer that generates statistics, graphs and reports for your website log files. Shareware.
  • OpenWebScope Website Statistics for Windows NT/95/98
    By Leech Software. URL at Leech Software.
    Traffic and visitor reporting tool for Internet and Intranet Servers. Logfile analyzer and Web statistics.
  • GetStats
    getstats by Columbia University is able to gather tons of information from web server logs, and to produce a variety of reports in HTML format. Some of the key features include a finely tuned input parser that can recognize the strangest log entries from malfunctioning web browsers. IP addresses are resolved into host names using a separate program called logres. Several reports are available from getstats. The Directory Tree, Domain, and Redirect Reports are created in HTML format.
  • WebScripts by Darryl C. Burgdorf
    Useful and quality Perl CGI Programs. The scripts can all be used and modified freely, though I ask that they not be redistributed without permission. Some are freeware, and won't cost you a dime; others are shareware, for which the author requests a modest registration fee.
    • WebLog: a comprehensive access log analysis tool.
    • LogTools: CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog are designed to let you create (if necessary) and analyze NCSA-format agent and referer logs.
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