Client-Side Web Technologies

  • Browsers
    Microsoft Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • JavaScript
    Netscape JavaScript, Microsoft JScript & VBScript, ECMAScript (ECMA-262).
  • CSS
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
    Dynamic HTML (DHTML), W3C Document Object Model (DOM), AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
  • Components
    Dynamic HTML Menu & Treeview in JavaScript, Rich-text (WYSIWYG) Editors for Web, Other Useful DHTML Components & Libraries.
  • Other
    XML User Interface Language (XUL), Browser Programming Interface - DDE API.

    "Experiments in Web Programming"
    JavaScript, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Applets, Resources. This site exists to share examples of coding and programming techniques to enhance web pages and web based applications. The examples found here are meant for those interested in learning web programming.
  • Code Style
    Open standards Web design with CSS, XHTML, Java servlets and Javascript. Web font statistics, media stylesheet guide and open standards design.
  • Google Web Directory: Internet Programming
  • Yahoo! - World Wide Web Programming
    Access Counts, Common Client Interface (CCI), Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Forms, Guestbooks, Java, JavaScript, Log Analysis Tools, MUDs, MOOs, etc., Perl Scripts, Robots, Spiders, etc., Server Push/Client Pull, Server Side Scripting, Validation and Checkers, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).
  • Programming Guides
    By (Formerly The Mining Company) Guides : Computing/Technology : Programming