XML User Interface Language (XUL)

XML User Interface Language (XUL, pronounced "zool") is a markup language for describing user interfaces. XUL lets you build feature-rich cross platform applications that can run connected or disconnected from the Internet. XUL is markup language centered on application widgets (such as windows, labels and buttons) insted of pages and hypertext, it is based on existing standards (XML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript/ECMAScript) and offers platform portability with an abstraction of user interface components, separation of presentation from application logic, and easy customization and localization.

XUL was created by the Mozilla Project; the user interface for all Mozilla's core applications (Browser, Messenger, Address Book, etc.) is written in XUL with one single code base supporting all Mozilla platforms.

XAML - Extensible Application Markup Language

XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language, pronounced, 'ZAML') is an XML based Markup language developed by Microsoft. XAML, combined with Microsoft Windows Longhorn's Avalon Graphics Engine, is one of the primary pillars in WinFX; the next generation of Graphics and Internet Services Technology.

  • The Pillars of Longhorn: Avalon
    "Avalon" is the code name for the presentation subsystem class libraries in WinFX. Avalon provides the foundation for building applications and high fidelity experiences, blending together application UI, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer. The functionality extends to the support for Tablet and other forms of input, a more modern imaging and printing pipeline, accessibility and UI automation infrastructure, data-driven UI and visualization.
  • Introducing "Longhorn" for Developers - Chapter 3: Controls and XAML
    MSDN Library, .NET Development, Microsoft Windows Code-Named "Longhorn".
  • XAML
    Web portal dedicated to XAML.
  • United XAML
    Discussions, Mailing Lists, Forums, Open Source XAML Projects - All Things XAML.
  • MyXAML
    MyXaml is an extensive open source XAML effort (not to be confused with Microsoft's codename). MyXaml offers developers declarative markup capabilities to your .NET 1.1 and 2.0, and ASP.NET applications using a markup language called XAML (pronounced as "Zamel"). This new technology will give developers and end users alike the ability to use an XML-based approach to dynamically define and use the application's interface.
  • Microsoft Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
    By OASIS XML Cover Pages.
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XForms is W3C's name for a specification of Web forms that can be used with a wide variety of platforms including desktop computers, hand helds, information appliances, and even paper. XForms started life as a subgroup of the HTML Working Group, but has now been spun off as an independent Activity.